Whooli Chen

True creativity has no limitations. Illustrator Whooli Chen is a living proof that this is a fact. I adore each single one of her creations! Originally from Taiwan, Whooli Chen earned her MA in Illustration at the Camberwell College of Arts in 2009. Not surprisingly, she has illustrated for many magazines and Newspapers. She also writes and has a blog called Sometime Else where she shares things that inspire her. And on her turn, Whooli inspires me deeply with her super-creative and never boring works. What a wonderful way to finish the week. Enjoy!

Blog: sometime-else.blogspot.com.au
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Story of a Photograph (1+2), by Whooli Chen.

I Hate Summer, by Whooli Chen.Secrets on Playground, by Whooli Chen.

In the Army, by Whooli Chen.

A Regular Man, by Whooli Chen.A Regular Girl, by Whooli Chen.

Illustration for a Children's book, by Whooli Chen.

Whooli ChenWhooli Chen

On the Moon, by Whooli Chen.

Lover, by Whooli Chen.The Lucky Girl, by Whooli Chen.