Painting by Aleksandra Kalisz
Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Shopping Inspiration

10 Selected Artworks from Beauton Art Gallery

It’s Esther Sarto’s rich and gorgeous piece called Subtropical Love that first drew my eye to the beautiful collection of one of a kind artworks of Beauton Art Gallery. The colors..the details.. so incredibly gorgeous!

Many artworks of Beauton’s collection seem to have that curious element where they just leave me stare at them forever. Based in Denmark, Beauton Art Gallery offers a carefully curated selection of art to homes worldwide with a mission to promote young, talented artists in various fields. One of their main purposes is to make art accessible to all which is why, besides original artworks, Beauton also offers a large selection of high quality limited edition prints.

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Painting by Stacy Jo DeMott

Paintings with Perfect Summer Vibes by Stacy Jo DeMott

Although many of us are craving for it, the cold Dutch weather is showing us little signs of spring. And it leaves me with a strong urge to get lost in these beautiful, whimsical paintings by artist Stacy Jo DeMott. Picking fruits in the greenhouse, spending time in a flower surrounded cottage and getting soaked into dreamy, super pleasant summer vibes… yes please!

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Illustration by Hannah Micaela

Whimsical Drawings by Hannah Micaela

With an elegant and simplistic style, Hannah Micaela creates beautiful, slightly surreal drawings that express so much character.. I love how she uses countless little lines to create bodies of seals, moths, birds and human like wolves that give me shivers and make my heart melt at the same time. Love!

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Collages by Luyi Wang
Collage, Illustration

Playful Collages by Luyi Wang

Please excuse the image overload in today’s blogpost. There’s so much happening in these super fascinating collages by Luyi Wang that I was very tempted to share her entire portfolio with you all! In a gorgeous, playful style, each of Luyi’s pieces tells a story on its own and it’s this kind of imagery that triggers my imagination so much..

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Illustration by Kelly Bjork

Beautiful illustrations by Kelly Bjork

My latest crush: beautiful, touching illustrated fragments by Seattle based artist Kelly Bjork. Rich of details and such gorgeous, soft colors.. I love Kelly’s statement about her illustrations, in which she explains that they are about the value of simple, daily moments in our lives:

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Illustration by Linda Jäderberg

Magical Creatures by Linda Jäderberg

We’re starting off the week with a selection of weird and wonderful illustrations by artist Linda Jäderberg. I’ve been a fan of Linda’s work for quite some time and love every single silly creature she creates! It’s her animals with human bodies that I like the most. And though they may be a bit out of the ordinary, all of them the look so fun and friendly that I would just looove to meet them <3

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