Whimsical Illustrations by Joanna Kaminska

In a lovely, whimsical style, artist Joanna Kaminska creates characters in slightly surreal landscapes that make me daydream about magical, far away places. Her beautiful works have a bit of a mysterious touch and they leave me curious to know more about who these illustrated folks are.

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Embroidery by Libby Williams
Embroidery, Mixed Media

Landscape Embroidery by Libby Williams

Imagine having your favorite place in the world captured with needle and thread. Little colorful stitches that eternalize the grass, sky and the buildings in a beautiful, one of a kind embroidery to remind you of that spot in a very unique piece of art. This is how Luxembourg based artist Libby Williams combines her passion for art and traveling; after exploring a new city or country, she embroiders the locations that she loved the most onto hoops that portray these places in a whimsical and unique style. And to give her work extra character, she often combines her embroidery with paint too.

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Ceramics by The Pottery Parade
Ceramics, Themes

Hello from The Pottery Parade!

I’ve been keeping myself quite busy with ceramics these last few weeks. Sculpting, painting, improving my pottery wheel skills and mostly, experimenting with techniques and patterns. Today I finally added a collection of new ceramics to The Pottery Parade’s shop. And although the selection is quite small, I was so super excited to see how they turned out!

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Wooden Dolls by Goose Grease
Mixed Media, Shopping Inspiration

Wooden Dolls by Goose Grease

This week I stumbled upon a lovely little spot called called Goose Grease; a shop run by Anna Leigh and Juan Carlos Donado, who create a wide range of handmade, super adorable dolls. Born out of a mom’s desire to create wooden toys for her little one, Goose Grease now creates all kinds of wooden folks with different functions: peg dolls, ornaments, custom made families and: an entire pirates vs ninjas chess set!

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Ceramics by Lena Guberman

Delicate Ceramic Sculptures by Lena Guberman

It’s the little sleeping girl on the illustrated plate that first led my eyes to the lovely, dreamy series of ceramic sculptures by illustrator Lena Guberman. Aren’t these precious? The series is called Wrapped and consists of several pieces that all show the same lady, playfully accompanied by elements that seem to comfort her. This, and the delicate details in her beautiful works are the perfect ingredients for instant feelings of happiness <3

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