Illustration by Martin Haake
Colorful Collages by Martin Haake

Latest illustration crush: rich and colorful collages by award winning artist and illustrator Martin Haake. With so much happening in each of these beautiful pieces, Martin’s work tells little stories and surprise me with details the longer I look at them. The birdwatcher in the first image is my favorite!

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Illustration by Aura & Cherrybag
Playful Collages by Aura & Cherrybag

Using different collage techniques and colored pencils, Illustrator Aura creates colorful portraits and cozy fragments in which I wouldn’t mind spending an afternoon or two. I love how the shapes in her work revel different structures, and how all the playful details fit together so harmoniously. The lady on the sofa in the second image […]

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Illustration by Ida Kortelainen
Papercut Illustrations by Ida Kortelainen

Pastel colors and paper crafting; two of my very favorite things combined in these wonderful illustrations by Ida Kortelainen. Using colorful bits of painted paper, she creates collages that are rich of cute little details and character (and I know it’s still August but some of these pieces are making me long for some winter coziness!).

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Illustration by Kendra Binney
Magical Collages by Kendra Binney

My latest crush: magical collages by artist Kendra Binney. Rich of colors, details and mystery, these gorgeous pieces make it so inviting to put my computer aside for a bit and get lost in a pastel-colored daydream.

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Paper Animals by Clare Youngs

Have you visited the Instagram account of illustrator Clare Youngs? If not, I’d strongly recommend you to have a peek and absorb the many lovely, colorful animals you’ll encounter there. All created with tiny bits of paper that are filled with beautiful, playful patterns. The monkey is my favorite!

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Illustration by Emily French
Magical Landscapes by Emily French

There’s something so calming about these beautiful landscapes by artist Emily French. Using paper, paint and sometimes digital edits, Emily creates magical places that are rich of color, calm and beauty. I wouldn’t mind spending some time in these gorgeous hideaways!

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Collages by Luyi Wang
Playful Collages by Luyi Wang

Please excuse the image overload in today’s blogpost. There’s so much happening in these super fascinating collages by Luyi Wang that I was very tempted to share her entire portfolio with you all! In a gorgeous, playful style, each of Luyi’s pieces tells a story on its own and it’s this kind of imagery that triggers […]

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