Jeanie Tomanek

These are the beautiful ladies of Georgia-based artist Jeanie Tomanek. Inspired by literature, folktales and Myths, she portrays tall, snow white, bald women in dreamlike settings. A couple of years ago, Jeany left the corporate life behind to follow her passion and fully focus on her artwork. As she explains, painting helps her to develop her inner voice:  “I paint to explore the significance of ideas, memories, events, feelings, dreams and images that seem to demand my closer attention”.

What I like about her art is that, when you scroll along the paintings on her website from the earlier works to the recent ones, you will discover that her artistic style has developed a lot on her road. I like the more abstract forms in her earlier works, and I love how she seems to focus more on lovely little details in her latest paintings. Enjoy the ride!

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Seasons of the Heart, by Jeanie Tomanek.

Moonlight's Children, by Jeanie Tomanek.

Cocoon, by Jeanie Tomanek.Dodos, by Jeanie Tomanek.

Caretaker, by Jeanie Tomanek.

I'm Nobody. Who are you? by Jeanie Tomanek.

Comparison, by Jeanie Tomanek.Milkweed, by Jeanie Tomanek.

Paper Doll, by Jeanie Tomanek.




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