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ArtisticMoods is a blog devoted to serve you daily inspirations from the art world. Here I share & celebrate art and crafts with a main purpose to promote beginning & advanced contemporary artists from around the globe. If it’s cafty, fun and distractive, there’s a big chance you’ll find it here!


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Introducing: The Curated Shop

I’m so super happy and excited to finally introduce the brand new Curated Shop! With all of ArtisticMoods favorite illustrated items gathered in one spot. And: the shop is updated every week.

About me

My name is Sandra Apperloo and I live in the beautiful Netherlands. I like to draw, eat sweet stuff, travel, visit fun events and spend time with my favorite friends (and prefer to combine those last three things). I graduated from the University of Utrecht in 2012. During my internship in 2011, I discovered my love for blogging while writing for a Dutch magazine called La Chispa (for which I wrote articles & did online promotion). I’ve loved art for as long as I can remember and I always share my finds online. So in 2013, I started blogging on ArtisticMoods.com.

I love spending time on ArtisticMoods. Hope you will too!


Credits are always included with artwork shared on ArtisticMoods.com. Artists remain the respectful owners of all that is posted here. If you find some credit information which might be incorrect, please do not hesitate to contact me for a review.

Want to share art from ArtisticMoods? Great! But please keep in mind to include the artist credits at all times. Thank you!

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