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ArtisticMoods is a blog devoted to serve you frequent inspirations from the art world. Here I share & celebrate art and crafts with a main purpose to promote beginning & advanced contemporary artists from around the globe. If it’s cafty, fun and distractive, there’s a big chance you’ll find it here!

About me

My name is Sandra and I live in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Besides creating pottery, I love discovering and sharing all kinds of art and illustration that inspires me.  I have been blogging about it on ArtisticMoods since 2013.

To see more of my own ceramics, visit me here!


Credits are always included with artwork shared on ArtisticMoods. Artists remain the respectful owners of all that is posted here. If you find some credit information which might be incorrect, please do not hesitate to contact me for a review.

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Sandra Apperloo on Linedin