Illustration by David Álvarez
Magical Illustrations by David Álvarez

I recently stumbled upon the most whimsical drawings that I ended up staring at for quite some time. Charmed by this mythical, friendly looking figure I discovered these charcoal illustrations are part of a narrative series by Mexico City based artist David Álvarez. It’s called I Dreamed I Was the Night and follows this being […]

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Illustration by Sofia Moore
Whimsical Paintings by Sofia Moore

With countless colors and details to absorb, artist Sofia Moore paints magical worlds that I would love to get lost in. Her beautiful work leaves me curious about the delightful characters she portrays, blending into their surroundings so perfectly. And those little white paintings on their dresses and wings.. love!

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Illustration by Xuan Loc Xuan
Magical Illustrations by Xuan Loc Xuan

There’s something about the magical works of artist Xuan Loc Xuan that keeps me staring at her pieces forever. Often surrounded by nature and the magic of the night, her works portray the most beautiful characters that make me curious to know more about them.

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Illustration by Roeqiya Fris
Magical Illustrations by Roeqiya Fris

I was so delighted when I stumbled upon these incredibly rich paintings by illustrator Roeqiya Fris. Fascinated by feminine beauty and mysterious Arabic atmospheres, Roeqiya creates magical sceneries filled with lustrous colors, botanicals and patterns that I can’t take my eyes away from. I love her work so much!

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Lisa Vanin
Magical Illustrations by Lisa Vanin

Lisa Vanin spends most of her time outdoors to collect inspiration and reference for her paintings. This helps her to create beautiful, narrative sceneries of nature that will draw you into a world of magic and mystery. Her illustrations are so fierce and full of character!

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Madalina Andronic
Magical Illustrations by Madalina Andronic

I’m a huge fan of Madalina Andronic’s beautiful, rich illustrations. Based in Bucharest and never forgetting the magic of where she comes from, Madalina creates sceneries that are inspired by folklore, fairytales, happy thougts and love <3 The illustration in the first image called Nighswimming is my favorite! You can find a selection of paintings […]

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Amalia Restrepo
Whimsical Illustrations by Amalia Restrepo

Amalia Restrepo illustrates magical sceneries that make me daydream about worlds I wish I could live in. With a mission to create as much art as possible, she draws adorable characters that are rich of color and have a beautiful, folkloric style <3 Originally from Colombia, Amalia is currently a M.F.A. candidate at the Savannah College […]

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