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Mixed Media

Illustration by Aura & Cherrybag
Collage, Illustration, Mixed Media

Playful Collages by Aura & Cherrybag

Using different collage techniques and colored pencils, Illustrator Aura creates colorful portraits and cozy fragments in which I wouldn’t mind spending an afternoon or two. I love how the shapes in her work revel different structures, and how all the playful details fit together so harmoniously. The lady on the sofa in the second image is my favorite!

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Textile art by Living Fibers
Embroidery, Mixed Media

Textile Artworks by Living Fibers

Textile artist Mariana Baertl is the creator behind a brand called Living Fibers; a name couldn’t be more striking for the beautiful works she creates. Using fibers and yarns from around the world, Mariana carefully embroiders and weaves the textiles into gorgeous, vivid artworks that have amazing textures and color palettes. Love!

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Embroidery, Mixed Media

Fabric Moths and Butterflies by Yumi Okita

Incredibly colorful and impressively similar the ‘real bugs’. I ADORE these moths and butterflies by North Carolina based artist Yumi Okita. Yumi creates her magical creatures with hand painted cotton fabric, which she embroiders with layers of threads to create texture and color. With her sculptures, which can reach up to 30 centimeters in width, she tends to capture the realism of nature then manipulated into the world of imagination.

Two of her fabric creations are currently available in her Etsy shop!

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Linoprint Illustration by Ellen von Wiegand
Illustration, Mixed Media

Gorgeous Lino Prints by Ellen von Wiegand

Lino cut printing can require lots of work and patience. But these gorgeous, one of a kind portraits by artist Ellen von Wiegand are a proof that the results can be so worth it! There’s something about these ladies, their poses and the surrounding patterns, that makes me curious to know more about what’s behind these beautiful women..

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Illustration by Ly Yeow
Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting

Seascape Illustrations by Ly Yeow

When visiting Orchid Island in Taiwan in 2015, artist Ly Yeow spent her days sitting at the shore, absorbing the changing colors of the breaking waves. It’s what made her fall in love with the ocean and inspired her to paint a beautiful collection of illustrations that are part of her LyttleSea Series; adorable little characters bathing in waters that are so rich of details and different shades of blue that they make me want to get out and visit the seaside right away. Magic!

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