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20 Art Prints I Adore

People have said that entering my home is like walking straight into my blog. I love to have lots and lots of art upon my walls! To keep my eyes tickled I like to change things around too, so over the years buying prints has become one of my favorite things to do. I keep a list of wannahave art prints on Etsy that I browse through frequently and since the holidays are around the corner, I though it would be nice to share a selection of favorites with you all. That gorgeous illustration by Kate Pugsley is still one of my favorites..

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Mixed Media, Shopping Inspiration

Illustrated Jewelry by Anna Tverdokhlebova

Quirky little folks, lovers and flowers you can wear. Aren’t these handcrafted illustrated jewelry adorable? They are creations by Anna Tverdokhlebova; a St. Petersburg born and Berlin based illustrator and crafter who likes to work with different materials (such as brass and ceramics) to create her beautiful pieces. She also recently created a wonderful collection of pots that I love!

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Illustrated Socks by Chatty Feet
Shopping Inspiration

Socks with Character by ChattyFeet

A wile ago I stumbled upon a quirky pair of Yayoi Toesamas that made me giggle pretty hard. Then I discovered Virginia Wool, Frida Calus, Sole-Adore Dali and other wonderfully designed socks by the England based brand called ChattyFeet. Artists, scientists, divas and many more characters that will keep your feet warm and lift you up every time you put your eyes down. I’ve got my eye on the artist sock set!

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Ceramic Pendants by Marinush
Ceramics, Shopping Inspiration

Colorful Ceramic Pendants by Marinush

New ceramics crush: folk birds, dachshunds, flowers, feathers and more clay goods by Marina Andrin. Sculpted with highly detailed textures and adorned with colorful patterns. And the best part: they are wearable too!

Based in Novi Sad, Serbia, Marina Andrin is a jewelry designer who loves to create little characters that each tell stories on their own. Besides pendants, her pieces are also available as earrings and brooches (this little bear is my favorite!)

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