The Crafty Gift Guide

Yup, it’s time for another gift guide! I had so much fun shopping for holiday presents this month. Besides looking forward to giving them to folks I love, It’s so inspiring to look through shops of so many creative makers that I can easily spend nights on end browsing for fun, inspiring things. From custom […]

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20 Art Prints I Adore

People have said that entering my home is like walking straight into my blog. I love to have lots and lots of art upon my walls! To keep my eyes tickled I like to change things around too, so over the years buying prints has become one of my favorite things to do. I keep […]

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The Ceramic Gift Guide on
The Ceramic Gift Guide #11

Oh my, it has been way too long since I shared a ceramic Gift Guide. Working on my own pots has kept me busy lately, but now that I am traveling in Japan I have been super inspired to get back to it and search the web for new clay made gems. Browsing through them […]

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Illustrated Jewelry by Anna Tverdokhlebova

Quirky little folks, lovers and flowers you can wear. Aren’t these handcrafted illustrated jewelry adorable? They are creations by Anna Tverdokhlebova; a St. Petersburg born and Berlin based illustrator and crafter who likes to work with different materials (such as brass and ceramics) to create her beautiful pieces. She also recently created a wonderful collection […]

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Illustrated Socks by Chatty Feet
Socks with Character by ChattyFeet

A wile ago I stumbled upon a quirky pair of Yayoi Toesamas that made me giggle pretty hard. Then I discovered Virginia Wool, Frida Calus, Sole-Adore Dali and other wonderfully designed socks by the England based brand called ChattyFeet. Artists, scientists, divas and many more characters that will keep your feet warm and lift you […]

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Ceramics by Kesem Design
Elegant Ceramics by Kesemy Design

New ceramics crush: vases, tiles, tea bags, envelopes and many more playful creations by Kesemy Design. Beautiful and elegant handmade shapes, embellished with colorful glazes and whimsical illustrations for a delightful finishing touch. Love!

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The Mapsy Project
Mapsy – Illustrated Maps by Artists Worldwide

Looking for some ideas for your next city trip? Perhaps you can let one of these beautifully illustrated maps be your guide. Or, if your have a favorite place in the world you want to be reminded of every day, have a peek at Mapsy’s collection to see if it’s available on print!

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