Jarek Puczel

Beauty can be found in the most unexpected moments. I love it when artists focus on less usual yet surprisingly beautiful fragments. These are the works of Jarek Puczel, a painter from Poland who succeeds to catch those moments and transform them into clean, calm and at the same time intensive images. The clear lines and colours easily make us focus on the subjects, and stare at them for a long time.. I’m especially fond of his Lovers series, which shows heads of couples in a semi-abstract but immediately recognizable style, surrounded by nothing but a beautiful soft colour. Very intimate, and simply breathtaking..

Living and working in Olsztyn, Poland, Jarek Puczel achieved his MA from the University of Warsaw in 1990. His works have been exhibited in galleries across Europe and the United States.

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Lovers (1), by Jarek Puczel.

Father and son, by Jarek Puczel.

Romantic, by Jarek Puczel.

At school (2), by Jarek Puczel.

Escape From The City, by Jarek Puczel.

Gerard Philipe, by Jarek Puczel.

Romance, by Jarek Puczel.

Couple, by Jarek Puczel.

Girl on a Seesaw, by Jarek Puczel.



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    II absolutely ADORE these! This guy deserves international attention STAT!

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