Narrative Illustrations by Shreya Gupta

With lots of fascinating details and a surreal touch, Shreya Gupta’s illustrations tell stories that make me so curious about the beautiful worlds she portrays. Many of her pieces have this wonderful, soft color palette that makes them an absolute delight to look at! The first illustration below, which is inspired by Italo Calvino’s novel Invisile […]

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Illustration by Loreta Isac
Surreal Illustrations by Loreta Isac

My Monday crush: beautiful, slightly bizarre illustrations by Loreta Isac. Love the bright colors and the surreal little happenings in her work (who doesn’t want to ride skateboard with a deer?). And that lilac pattern… so beautiful!

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Esthera Preda
Delightful Surreal Characters by Esthera Preda

Esthera Preda creates gorgeous illustrations with strange, surreal characters I’d love to know more about. I particularly like her detail-filled drawings in which you can discover skeleton ladies, snakes with wings and so much more unusual delight <3 Born in Romania and currently based in Québec, Canada, Esthera’s illustrations are largely inspired by memories from […]

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Enchanting Illustrations by Rebecca Artemisa

We’re starting off the week with dazzling colors and delightful chaos in the work of artist Rebecca Artemisa. Aren’t these magical? Each of Rebecca’s works is a little story on it’s own that draws me into beautiful, imaginative worlds of wonder and wichcraft.. So gorgeous!

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Papercuts of Far Away Lands by Lucila Biscione

The longer you stare at Lucila Biscione‘s papercut illustrations, the more you will discover. Such magical creatures.. so much beautiful hidden details. Amazing! Lucia Biscone is a Buenos Aires born artist who currently lives and works in Berlin. The works she creates are carefully cut by hand and often mixed with pencil and ink, which makes the characters […]

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Giveaway: Art Print by Zsalto [closed]

We have a winner.. Congratulations, Tiffany! Zsalto’s art print is yours. Thanks for joining the competition all! If you would still like to get one of Zsalto’s prints, visit her shop here. A new giveaway will open Monday.

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Lindsay Stripling

Once Lindsay Stripling’s paintings catch your attention it’s pretty hard to let them go. There is so much color and chaos to absorb in her beautiful, slightly surreal works. Love them! Each tells a mysterious story. A magical fragment that might make you remember a dream you once had. Currently based in San Francisco, Lindsay Stripling is […]

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