Ruud van Empel

Ruud van Empel is a multiple award winning artist from the Netherlands whose works are exhibited worldwide. His photographs immediately stand out of the crowd; boys and girls surrounded by contrasting and colourful environments catch your attention while at the same time their expressions are shy and modest. Intimate, yet distant at the same time.

Inspired by paintings, Ruud van Empel digitally constructs his portraits into semi-surreal yet realistic fragments. Though the people he portrays are often surrounded by nature, their environments are not natural. Rather they appear to be a fragment of nature, balancing somewhere between reality and perfection. It creates a confusing yet delightful context in which beauty, innocence and society play a central role.

Ruud van Empel is represented by the Flatland Gallery located in Amsterdam & Paris, where his works are currently exhibited. The FoMu (Photomuseum Antwerp) currently presents a solo exhibition of Ruud van Empel which runs until October 2013.

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