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Oops! I got hacked.

Here’s to new beginnings!  I just set up a brand new Instagram account. New name, same art love.  You’ll find it here.

Extra note: even though I got hacked (and yes, that’s something that happens these days and yes it’s scary) It’s not my intention at all to leave you scared that something similar will happen to you. As you will read in the story below I did a very, very stupid thing that caused the hack. Also, to keep your account save, have a look at these Instagram guidelines.

It’s been eleven days since it happened. And after quite a stressful period of sending emails, doing research and stalking Instagram I think it’s time to face the music: ArtisticMoods’ Instagram account got hacked and I don’t think it’s coming back. Oops.

Since then I have been receiving lots of questions about what happened as my account disappeared offline right away. So foremost, this post is to let you know that I’m back! Starting at the very beginning again, I opened a new account.

I don’t want to dwell too much on what happened. I’m also a bit tired of the whole issue and at this point I just want to move on with things. But as this also has some consequences for the blog and I can imagine that people may be wondering what caused this, there are some things I want to share here.

The Blog

For me, the ArtisticMoods Instagram account was more than a place where I share inspiration. It was an important part of my business. A place where I reached out to so many of you and where I collaborated with with artist and art organizations, which I offered exposure. These collaborations allowed me to spend a good amount of time on my blog, which is what I love doing besides working on my ceramics (really, this combination of writing about art and making things myself is GOLD for me). So yeah, this happening has been quite damaging for my business. As the holiday period is also a busy period for my ceramics I will be focusing on that for these last few weeks of this year. But: new blogposts will be shared as soon as January is here. That’s a promise!

So What Happened?

Obviously that’s a question I’ve been getting a lot. And I was quite hesitant to share this because I feel pretty stupid about the whole thing. But I think I should as this may be a lesson that avoids someone getting into a whole lot of  trouble one day: I clicked a link. I clicked on a freakin link I received in my email, which set the whole hacking thing into motion. A link of which I was so sure it came from Instagram as it looked so so authentic, except it wasn’t. Within the hour my account was gone. I received messages from the hacker asking me if I wanted my account back. I never answered them, but I assumed they wanted money in return. Call me stubborn, but I wouldn’t pay a hacker if they asked me 50 cents. So eventually my account ended up being deleted.


Well, I thínk it got deleted. I’m about 95% sure. The help I have been getting from Instagram and Facebook (who owns Instagram) is pretty much non existent and I have read lots of stories of people who experienced the same. Don’t get me wrong, my feelings about Instagram are bitter sweet as their network has allowed me to reach out to so many art lovers and it’s there where I continue to share my ceramics with people (for this I’m very thankful). But when something like this happens, you will end up in a loophole of receiving tons of automated messages that, in my case, didn’t get me any further. I won’t list down all the why’s and how I figured this all out (like I mentioned, I’m a bit tired), but let’s just say that at this point I’m pretty sure it’s gone.

A note to artists

One last thing I do want to share particularly relates to those who share their art online. You may be sharing your work on Instagram or Facebook with lots of success, and that’s great. I do think it is wise to spread your exposure though so that in the event of something happening to that platform, you will have other ways to reach out to your audience. Write a blog or start a newsletter. Pinterest can also be a great platform for sharing visual art. You may not see as much interaction there, but it’s a good spot to lead audience to your website or shop (or any other place on the web that’s important for you). It’s not at all my intention to scare anyone (remember, I pressed a link which caused the hack) but who knows what happens in the future. In general, depending on one channel to reach people just seems a bit risky and not at all necessary.

I think that’s all I have to say about this. Don’t be silly like me, don’t click on links if you have even the slightest suspicion about it! I must say, even though it sucked, I’m pretty calm about things. At this point I’m just super thankful for the love and interest I continue to receive on my ceramics. That’s what is allowing me to move forward with all of this.

And that’s what I’m doing now. Moving forward. Come have a peek at this brand new Instagram I just started!

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Nina Cosford

A tiny single movement can bring so much life to a drawing! It’s what got my attention to these lovely, fun illustrations by Hastings/London-based illustrator Nina Cosford. I particularly like that third one, with the wobbling fashion items. Too cute!

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One year anniversary!

One year ago on this exact same day ArtisticMoods was launched. I can´t believe it.. one whole has passed since then! This calls for a little celebration.

What happened this year? 
More than 200 amazing artists were featured on the blog. Some beginning, some advanced, all awesome, super talented and highly admired by me. Thanks to submissions I received I got introduced to amazing people I didn’t knew existed such as Shari Weschler Rubeck, Toby Penney and Valérie Belmokhtar. I interviewed an artist I had admired for a long time: Catrin Welz Stein. As the website grew I introduced themes in which my favorite works are organized in specific colors & categories (I LOVE doing this!). And just recently I opened a little sales corner where a new item will be offered for sale each month. Oh, and this also happened: I got such lovely appreciations, likes and messages from you guys that it made me blush.. Thank you!!!

What will happen next?
More art is what will happen next! More painters, more illustrators, more discoveries, more themes and more artsy items for sale. I also have some exciting news to announce:  in March 2015 I will travel to Japan where I will stay for a month, get myself drenched into the Japanese contemporary art world and will do full report of this on the blog. I still can’t believe this is actually going to happen, but it will! I promise!! More info on this will follow.

How will we celebrate?
This year has been amazing, but I lost count of the numerous hours I spent behind my computer. Many of the lovely things I find, I find online and too many of them are created in places which involve aeroplane bookings if I ever decide to see them with my bare eye. So this weekend, I decided to do things differently.

I live in Utrecht; a beautiful city in the center of Holland which is rich of history, culture and artistic events. This weekend an event called Atelier Route Utrecht was organized throughout the city which means that many artists who live here opened their studio for the audience. A geat opportunity to get away from the computer, get on my bike, make some miles and meet with some of the many artists of my own hometown. Enjoy the ride!


First stop: Johan Kuhlmann

As an artist, Johan Kuhlmann is inspired by buildings and spaces. The buildings and constructions in his works are often colorful and combined with unusual imageries which give them stories and a beautiful surreal tone. Besides his paintings, Johan also creates decors for theatre productions, furniture and stained glass windows. You can find many more of his works on his website:

Johan Kuhlmann

Hohan KuhlmanHohan Kuhlman


Second stop: Maja Badnjevic

I Love these drawings! Originally from Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Maja Badnjevic graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts in 2004. She works with several media such as ink, aquarel and graphite and she also creates installations of which you can find more here. Website:

Maja Badnjevic

Maja BadnjevicMaja Badnjevic


Third stop: Eemke Koppelman

I usually limit my finds to paintings and illustrations, but visiting the studio of Eemke Koppelman was so wonderfully overwhelming that I coundn’t resist taking some shots. Eemke is a designer of artistic decors and costumes and a creator of colorful altars which are an absolute delight to look at. Eemke doesn’t have a website but you can follow her on Facebook for more information & updates.

Eemke Koppelman

Eemke KoppelmanEemke Koppelman


Last stop: Bas van der Wal

Bas works with a lot of materials, but none of them involve paint. In his studio Bas explained how he uses different kinds of dirt to create different colors (when mixing them with water), and how some of his works are made with nothing but the tops of burned matches. The results are pretty impressive! More of his creations can be found on his site: 

Bas van der Wal

Bas van der WalBas van der Wal








Oleg Dou

A glance at the work of Oleg Dou might scare you a bit at first. But if it does, I advice you to look again and stare a little longer. That’s when the beauty becomes visible. Intimate in some way, distant in another. As if we remain in an everlasting curiosity of who the creature is we are facing. Yes, the digital works of Oleg Dou are one of a kind.

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Ruud van Empel

Ruud van Empel is a multiple award winning artist from the Netherlands whose works are exhibited worldwide. His photographs immediately stand out of the crowd; boys and girls surrounded by contrasting and colourful environments catch your attention while at the same time their expressions are shy and modest. Intimate, yet distant at the same time.

Inspired by paintings, Ruud van Empel digitally constructs his portraits into semi-surreal yet realistic fragments. Though the people he portrays are often surrounded by nature, their environments are not natural. Rather they appear to be a fragment of nature, balancing somewhere between reality and perfection. It creates a confusing yet delightful context in which beauty, innocence and society play a central role.

Ruud van Empel is represented by the Flatland Gallery located in Amsterdam & Paris, where his works are currently exhibited. The FoMu (Photomuseum Antwerp) currently presents a solo exhibition of Ruud van Empel which runs until October 2013.

Flatland Gallery:
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Ruud van Empel Ruud van Empel Ruud van Empel Ruud van Empel Ruud van Empel Ruud van Empel Ruud van Empel


Rimel Neffati

Welcome to the magical world of Rimel Neffati. A self taught artist from France who makes portraits that will draw you straight to a world of circus, pin-ups, skulls and above all, beauty. Rimel started taking photographs at the end of 2008. With her works she proves that black and white can be the perfect ingredient for countless breathtaking works of art.

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