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Mixed Media

Tanaka Tatsuya

You might have come across these funny, unusual miniatures before. Japanese artist Tanaka Tatsuya has been shooting and sharing them since 2011. Every day! In his little dioramas, Tanaka uses everyday objects (like mugs, sponges and broccoli) to create completely unexpected and highly entertaining scenes. What I like the most about them, is that you can still identify the objects while imagining them as mountains, trees or cheerleader pompons at the same time. His complete archive be found at his Miniature Calendar where he shares a new shot every day.

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Japan Project

Bathing Geishas

Japan blog project, day 10

Beautiful, elegant and skilled in many traditional art forms. Geishas used to be considered queens of their time before Japan started to Westernize rapidly. Although on most images you will find them dressed up and powdered from top to toe, these geishas from the Meiji era also posed in fashionable swimwear.

Do you notice the girl in the first and second image is the same? She is also wearing the same suit, but the colors are all different. I think these beautiful candy-colors we added by hand afterwards (but correct me if I’m wrong!) This is something that used to be done sometimes before color photographs were introduced.

I found these via The Jealous Curator. The authors are unknown. If you have information about this, let me know!


Geishas in Swimsuits Geishas in SwimsuitsGeishas in Swimsuits Geishas in Swimsuits Geishas in Swimsuits Geishas in Swimsuits Geishas in Swimsuits


Flower Power

And the winners are..

Well, actually, I spotted many winners with beautiful photos on Instragram. And choosing only ten amongst them was very hard to do. But I did.. Hope you like them as much as I do!

Thanks for all your wonderful submissions!

New competition starts today

A new competition just opened. Theme: Pink! At home, in the sky, food or flowers.. As long as there are some pretty pink colors in your shot. For more information, read here.


Lisa Reschefski / @creagirlblog


Richarda / @petitelouise_nl


Richarda / @petitelouise_nl


Jane Russell / @sleeper_awake


TATA KIDS DESIGN / @tata_kids_design


Analee Merino / @analeemerino74


Linda / @lindaloveschocolate


Jenni Haikonen Illustration / @jennihaikonen


bttn80 / @bttn80


nicole / @sailorsensitive


Mixed Media

Brendan Fitzpatrick

The Instagram photo competition announced yesterday inspired me to share something with flowers today. Only these are not photographs..well, sort of. They are X-rays! And they’re beautiful!

Brendan Fitzpatrick is a Sydney-based commercial photographer who has a very large and diverse portfolio that includes cityscapes, portraits and x-ray photographs of creatures too! For more works and updates you can follow Bendan on Facebook of visit his website here:


Brendan FitzpatrickBrendan Fitzpatrick Brendan Fitzpatrick Brendan Fitzpatrick Brendan Fitzpatrick Brendan Fitzpatrick Brendan Fitzpatrick


Photo Contest

Do you like Instagram as much as I do? Do you occasionally share some pretty photos with your followers? Tag your shots with #artisticmoods #myinstamoods and get chance to be featured in a blog post! Your credits & a link to you Instagram account will be included.

How does it work?

Before every contest I will announce a theme. This can be anything. From cloudscats to the color blue. Share a picture on Instagram that is related to that theme and add the hashtags #artisticmoods #myinstamoods. At the end of the competition, I will select ten winning photos which will be shared in a blogpost. The winners will be notified via a mention on Instagram.

Good to know:

1. You can tag older photographs too.
2. Although I appreciate any kind of submission, this contest focuses on photography. Therefore paintings and illustrations are excluded. However, you can always get creative and photograph your artwork in a nice photographic setting (on the wall, etc.).

Current theme

Home! Beautiful interiors or cozy corners… feel free to submit any images you feel are related to this theme.

The competition will close on Thursday, March 19. For updates you can follow my account here.

Have fun!