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Bathing Geishas

Japan blog project, day 10

Beautiful, elegant and skilled in many traditional art forms. Geishas used to be considered queens of their time before Japan started to Westernize rapidly. Although on most images you will find them dressed up and powdered from top to toe, these geishas from the Meiji era also posed in fashionable swimwear.

Do you notice the girl in the first and second image is the same? She is also wearing the same suit, but the colors are all different. I think these beautiful candy-colors we added by hand afterwards (but correct me if I’m wrong!) This is something that used to be done sometimes before color photographs were introduced.

I found these via The Jealous Curator. The authors are unknown. If you have information about this, let me know!


Geishas in Swimsuits Geishas in SwimsuitsGeishas in Swimsuits Geishas in Swimsuits Geishas in Swimsuits Geishas in Swimsuits Geishas in Swimsuits

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