Illustration by Brunna Mancuso
Colorful Portraits by Brunna Mancuso

A bit of an image overload in today’s blogpost. But it’s been a while since I shared the work of Brazil based artist Brunna Mancuso and found so many gorgeous new pieces in her collection that I couldn’t help myself! I particularly love the girl in the fourth image, in which Brunna included a colorful […]

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Gorgeous Portraits by Bijou Karman

It’s the dazzling color combinations and the beautiful expressive eyes on these ladies that kept me staring at Bijou Karman’s portraits for a long, long time. Aren’t these gorgeous? Have a look at her website where you can find many more of her work (I also LOVE her fashion sketches).  Follow Bijou on Instagram for updates!

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Colorful Portraits by Alja Horvat

My latest illustration crush: Alja Horvat’s playful portraits of gorgeous-looking ladies <3 Hanging around in fabulous outfits, surrounded by flowers and all kinds of fun patterns. And the color combinations… love! You can find a selection of the works below available in Alja’s Etsy shop.

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Painting by Sabrina Cabada
Enchanting Portraits by Sabrina Cabada

It’s the lady at the laundry machine and the shadows that cover her skin that first drew my eye to Sabrina Cabada’s enchanting portraits. With their big eyes and elegant appearance, I love how each of these beautiful women have this sparkle in their eyes, like they are about to tell an exciting story. A […]

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Illustration by Hélia Aluai
Ladies in Black & White by Hélia Aluai

There’s something so mysterious about these illustrated ladies by Hélia Aluai. Big heads, elegant poses and gorgeous, expressive eyes that make me wonder what these women are daydreaming about. They are illustrations from her series called Heritage, in which she gives a whimsical touch to old portraits and female icons. So lovely!

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Ilustration by Holly Jolley
Illustrated Ladies (and lots of pink) by Holly Jolley

I’ve been following Holly Jolley and her wonderful ladies for quite some time on Instagram now. And still, my heart skips a beat every time she shares one of her new creations. The eyes and playful shapes make her girls look so beautiful & quirky. And those cute little dogs…love!

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