Fatima Ronquillo

These are the delicate portraits of Fatima Ronquillo; a self-taught artist based in New Mexico, who paints magical personages belonging to a world that is different from that of ours. Beautifully humble and a delight to look at… Fatima’s work is oftenly combined playfulness, humor and, above all, mystery.

Alongside other symbols of romance, such as arrows and blindfolds, Fatima’s characters regularly carry what is now known as a “lover’s eye”. These tokens carried the significance of a secret love in the 18th and 19th centuries. They were placed in personal belongings such as broches and boxes, and were only recognizable for the lover and the beloved.

Like the lover’s eye, most Fatima’s portraits are originally small of size (9 by 7 inches). Her characters are undetermined, belonging to an undetermined world. A perfect scene scene to allow the viewer a doorway to imagination…


Read more about Fatima Ronquillo’s work and interpretations in American Art Collector issue 90 (April, 2013).

Website: www.fatimaronquillo.com
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Venus with Lovers’ Eyes. Fatima Ronquillo, 2012

The Runaways. Fatima Ronquillo, 2012.

Lady with a Marvelous Pig. Fatima Ronquillo, 2010

Private Revolution. Fatima Ronquillo, 2013.Wounded Cupid. Fatina Ronquillo, 2012.