Kathleen Lolley

Welcome to Lolleyland. Where creatures of all kinds live in magical forests, and humans and animals are intertwined with nature. Owls, trees, flowers and ghosts all come together in stories which are portrayed in beautiful, softly coloured illustrations.

They are the works of Kathleen Lolley. An artist who grew up between the hills of Kentucky and the dark forests of Pennsylvania. Spending al lot of time in the forests and being a big fan of storytelling, Kaleen draws inspiration from nature, folk tales, philosophy and music. She uses different media to create them, ranging from acrylic to collage.

With her work, Kathleen strives to explore the unconscious influence of childhood in adult lives: “When I paint, I use innocence and playfulness to explore complex themes.” Her illustrations also challenge the viewer to create a personal interpretation by calling upon their own imagination. I’m absolutely convinced that her magical works offers us more than enough reason to accept this challenge, and dream away..

Website: www.kathleenlolley.com
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Ritual For End of a Season, by Kathleen Lolley.

Stardust. By Kathleen Lolley, 2010.Dandelion House. By Kathleen Lolley, 2008.

Kathleen Lolley

Kathleen Lolley

Who killed the Crow? Kathleen Lolley, 2011.The Hermit. Kathleen Lolley, 2012.

Kathleen Lolley

Goodbye Butterfly. By Kathleen Lolley, 2012.The World, by Kathleen Lolley.

Wild Inside. By Kathleen Lolley, 2011.