Meredith Pardue

These are the works of of Meredith Pardue. An artist who creates beautiful abstract paintings simply by following her intuitions when painting. Meredith works fom Ausin, Texas and studied at the Parsons School of Design in New York and the Savannah College of Art and Design. Take a closer look at one of her canvasses, and the eye will spot that they’re not one-dimensional; layers of paint intertwine with each other, creating tensions between the blank spaces and figures. And even in the digital distance we’re bound to, they’re breathtaking. Wonderful colour harmonies… playful yet structured figures… as if they were prints from nature itself. Yes, I’m sold!

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Kapalua Shore. From the Large Scale Collection, by Meredith Pardue.


Orchida VI. From the Superflow series, by Meredith Pardue.


Botania I. From the Native Series, by Meredith Pardue.


Ornaments Of Grace. From the Native Series, by Meredith Pardue.


Constrain, by Meredith Pardue.


The Sacred Heart IV. From the Native Series, by Meredith Pardue.