Cesar Santos

His art has been exhibited worldwide, and his talent is acknowledged by countless international prizes. Cuban-American artist Cesar Santos astonishes art lovers all over the world with his breathtaking, flawless and beauty-filled paintings. Born in 1982, Santos studied at Miami Dade College and the New World School of Arts. In Italy he continued to develop his talent at the Fundemental Program in Drawing and Painting, in which he participated under Michael John Angel.

With his paintings, Santos proves that beauty is timeless. Influenced by the Renaissance, masters of the nineteenth century and Modernism, his works reflect both classical and modern interpretations. In many of his art, a refined painting technique comes together with colourful & at times abstract contemporary fragments. And the results are amazing: men, women, and icons such as The Girl with a Pearl Earring and Mona Lisa’s niece become personages of today while keeping their original, classical charm.

Enjoy the works. And then, take a minute to look at this News Report which reveals a surprisingly different side of the artist… how interesting!

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Off Track, by Cesar Santos. Oil on canvas.

The Master's Studio, by Cesar Santos. Oil on Canvas.

Farfalline della Notte, by Cesar Santos. Oil on canvas.

Out of the Square, by Cesar Santos. Oil on canvas.The Explorer, by Cesar Santos. Oil on canvas.

The Art Collector, by Cesar Santos. Oil on canvas.

Magdalene's Niece, by Cesar Santos. Oil & pencil on linen.

First Night, by Cesar Santos. Oil on canvas.

Intimacy, by Cesar Santos. Oil on canvas.

Woman with Glasses and Goatee, by Cesar Santos. Oil on canvas.

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    he passionate about nude painting & women ofcourse. but his paintings are really true to the original we could say.

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