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Classic vs Contemporary


Janet Hill

I’ve been a big fan of Janet Hill‘s elegant, colorful paintings for a long time. I love her classical yet timeless style, all the beautiful details and the subtile humors that are hidden in many of her works. Her paintings often tel little stories. And some of them are even told by Janet herself, like Lisette vs. the Skunk.

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Ceramics, Illustration, Shopping Inspiration

Nina in Vorm

I love vintage ceramics. But I like them even better if their classic flowery designs are covered with Nina van der Goor‘s superfun illustrations. These contrasts between old fashioned and modern are perfect!

Dutch artist Nina van der Goor loves to work on ceramics. She also illustrates posters, prints and postcards of which you can find many more in her Etsy shop called Nina in Vorm.

For new works and updates, follow Nina on Instagram.

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Illustration, Painting

Gigi Rose Gray

Chandeliers, bathtubs and dressing tables. Yup, Gigi Rose Gray has a great eye for style! Love the details and the classy color combinations. They bring back the charm of the old days and leave a lovely sense of nostalgia.

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Embroidery, Mixed Media, Themes

Needle & Thread

I’ve been posting a lot of embroidered art lately and I’m loving it more and more every time I do. Time to share some of my favorite creations by artists who prefer needle & thread over pencils & paint (or use both instead). Enjoy!

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Emma Gale

Emma Gale’s obsession with Frida Kahlo works out great on paper. I love how she draws, colors and adorns the Mexican icon into countless timeless beauties. Born in Sydney, Australia, Emma is a collage artist who is inspired by colors and patterns and embellishments of different cultures. In her works, Frida plays her muse:

I have been mesmerized by her life story from the first time I learned of her in high school. In my artwork she plays my muse. I adorn her in my jewelled neckpieces and dress her in outfits I have dreamed up. Like a little girl dressing up, I play out my own dress up fantasy, inspired by costumes from traditional ethnic peoples to the latest catwalk designers. From bohemian to chic from tribal to gypsy, she plays them all.

Many more to be found on her website:


Emma Gale Emma Gale Emma Gale Emma Gale Emma Gale Emma Gale Emma Gale

Illustration, Japan Project

Kaoru Saito

Something a bit more traditional on the site today: mezzotint prints by Japanese artist Kaoru Saito. I came across his works some years ago and my travels in Japan are a perfect excuse to share some of his beauties on the blog! Born in Kanagawa prefecture in 1931, Kaoru Saito is a member of Shunyo-kai, which is a Japanese association of printmakers. He created countless stunning portraits in his lifetime and currently resides in Hayama, Japan.

Kaoru Saito does not have a website but you can find some more information about the artist here.


Kaoru SaitoKaoru SaitoKaoru SaitoKaoru SaitoKaoru SaitoKaoru SaitoKaoru Saito