Sarah Jarrett

A constant search for meeting points between painting and photography. This is how the Norfolk based Sara Jarrett describes the process when creating the breathtaking portraits she creates. Colorful, dreamlike and yet present. A bit blurry in one angle while sharp on another. Sarah portrays a unique kind of beauty that easily makes you curious and crave for more.

Sarah started working as a fulltime freelancer in 1998, when she drew immediate attention from magazines and publishers. While back then she experimented with painting on large photographs, she is now an Iphoneographer; using an Iphone and Ipad, Sarah takes photos and uses several applications to give them a new painterly identity. This way, the experiments between photography and painting remain visible in her works.

While she was mostly known for her dream-like landscape images, it was only recently when she started to focus on portraiture. Taking a closer look at her work, you will see that her love for nature is still visible. Sara’s ladies are frequently surrounded by flowers, birds and branches, which gives them a lovely surrealistic impression.

Looking at the results of her experiments, it’s needless to say that her works have become appealing to many. They are frequently used for commercial purposes, and Sarah has recently won the Mobile Artist/Photographer of the Year award. More than enough reasons to show you some of my favorites!

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