Colette Calascione

When I first encountered her works some years ago it was love at first sight. So I am absolutely thrilled to feature the paintings of madly talented artist Colette Calascione on this blog! Inspired by the Victorian era, Colette paints stunning portraits of beautiful ladies (and gentlemen at times) that contain a gorgeous, classical style. By combining their elegance with sensuality, oddity and elements drawn from imagination, she brings them a littlebit closer to the present. Or perhaps better said to a place that is timeless..  Her paintings are so lively and even funny at times. And on top of this all, they are rich of colours making it very easy to catch your attention and pretty hard to look away.

Currently living and working in California, Colette Calascione received her B.F.A. from the San Francisco Art Institute. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries throughout the U.S.

Represented by: Nancy Hoffman Gallery
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Colette Calascione Colette Calascione Colette Calascione Colette Calascione Colette Calascione