Whimsical Portraits by Margherita Paoletti

I have been following the beautiful work of Italy based artist Margherita Paoletti for a while and figured it’s about time to share some of my favorites with you all. Hidden behind flowers or covered in detailed drawings, there’s something so whimsical and powerful about her beautiful portraits that gets me every time.

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Illustration by Nadia Valavani
Illustrated Characters with a Story by Nadia Valavani

There’s something about the beautifully illustrated characters in Nadia Valavani’s drawings that makes me stare at them for a long time. Curious for a story behind their faces, making stories up myself. Nadia draws under the name Old Brown Shoe Stories, which connects to the stories “that each human being carries with.” In this interview […]

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Magical Paintings by Roeqiya Fris

I wrote about the colorful work of artist Roeqiya Fris some years ago and have been adoring her new creations that have been passing on my Instagram feed since then. Inspired by Arab culture, fashion and nature, Roeqiya’s paintings are rich of countless colors, patterns and details that carry a magical, wanna-be-there kind of atmosphere.. […]

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Illustration by Chloe Joyce
Illustrated Ladies by Chloé Joyce

I remember sharing the wonderful work of illustrator Chloé Joyce some years ago. And as I was scrolling through her Instagram feed today I loved seeing how since then, Chloé has created countless new pieces and her characters are evolving into stunning, charismatic women that are surrounded by pattern and details (and the occasional pet). […]

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Illustration by Ana Leovy
Colorful Portraits by Ana Leovy

I can’t believe it has been more than more than a month since I last posted something. So much happened in the last weeks of the year and after that horrible and exhausting Instagram hack I have been putting all my time in my pottery for a little while, which felt good. But opening my computer […]

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Illustration by Brunna Mancuso
Colorful Portraits by Brunna Mancuso

A bit of an image overload in today’s blogpost. But it’s been a while since I shared the work of Brazil based artist Brunna Mancuso and found so many gorgeous new pieces in her collection that I couldn’t help myself! I particularly love the girl in the fourth image, in which Brunna included a colorful […]

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