Illustration by Sena Kwon
Illustrated Ladies by Sena Kwon

I’m not sure whether it’s their gorgeous curves, their fierce expressions or the colors and details that surround them, but there’s something about these goddesses by illustrator Sena Kwon that makes me love their vibes so much.. Present, sensual and playful. The lady with the blue braids is my favorite!

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Illustration by Claire van Heukelom
Colorful Portraits by Claire van Heukelom

With soft and charming color palettes, illustrator Claire van Heukelom creates eye catching portraits that have a delightful feminine atmosphere. I love how in many of these pieces her use of figures and details is quite limited but incredibly rich of character. The lady in green in the first image is my favorite!

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Illustration by Rachael Dean
Colorful Illustrations by by Rachael Dean

I’ve been following the wonderful work of Rachael Dean on Instagram for a while now and I always love seeing her new, colorful illustrations pop up in my feed. With a strong focus on femininity and fashion, many of her ladies are surrounded by botanicals and covered in dazzling outfits that I wish I’d own (and […]

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Painting by Kristin Vestgård
Magical Paintings by Kristin Vestgård

I lost count of the times I have shared the work of Kristin Vestgård on this blog (she was even one of the first artists I wrote about when I started ArtisticMoods). But every time I visit her website and find new pieces in her portfolio, oh my, I fall in love all over again. So […]

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Gorgeous Portraits by Bijou Karman

It’s the dazzling color combinations and the beautiful expressive eyes on these ladies that kept me staring at Bijou Karman’s portraits for a long, long time. Aren’t these gorgeous? Have a look at her website where you can find many more of her work (I also LOVE her fashion sketches).  Follow Bijou on Instagram for updates!

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Colorful Portraits by Alja Horvat

My latest illustration crush: Alja Horvat’s playful portraits of gorgeous-looking ladies <3 Hanging around in fabulous outfits, surrounded by flowers and all kinds of fun patterns. And the color combinations… love! You can find a selection of the works below available in Alja’s Etsy shop.

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