Illustration by Sasha Ignatiadou
Dazzling Illustrations by Sasha Ignatiadou

I’ve been following Sasha Ignatiadou’s work on Instagram for quite some time now and the more of them I see pass in my feed, the more I fall in love with her highly detailed and incredibly rich illustration work. From botanicals to dragons, Sasha’s unique combination of colors and patterns give her work such a fierce, one […]

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Painting by Claire Kendall
Fabulous Flowerheads by Claire Kendall

Elegant poses, fabulous outfits and: flowers for heads. I was super delighted to stumble upon Claire Kendall’s Flowerheads series, which shows playful portraits of beautiful ladies in dresses, boots, jackets and many more fashionable wearables in all kinds of colors and patterns.  The blooming heads and sunny vibes in her lovely works are making me […]

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Illustration by Hélia Aluai
Ladies in Black & White by Hélia Aluai

There’s something so mysterious about these illustrated ladies by Hélia Aluai. Big heads, elegant poses and gorgeous, expressive eyes that make me wonder what these women are daydreaming about. They are illustrations from her series called Heritage, in which she gives a whimsical touch to old portraits and female icons. So lovely!

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Illustration by Laura Callaghan
Gorgeous Illustrations by Laura Callaghan

I have a weak spot for Laura Callaghan’s eye catching illustrations. With lots of color, curves and details, these gorgeous girls celebrate diversity and seem connect us to the real world rather than the one that is exposed to us in so many media these days.

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Ilustration by Holly Jolley
Illustrated Ladies (and lots of pink) by Holly Jolley

I’ve been following Holly Jolley and her wonderful ladies for quite some time on Instagram now. And still, my heart skips a beat every time she shares one of her new creations. The eyes and playful shapes make her girls look so beautiful & quirky. And those cute little dogs…love!

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Illustration by Tara O Brien
Whimsical Illustrations by Tara O Brien

It’s quite impossible to browse through Tara O Brien’s cheerful illustrations and not feel happy afterwards. Using beautiful color palettes, Tara celebrates diversity in whimsical imagery of beautiful characters that I would love to meet. Her works have such wonderful vibes.. and I love all the magical botanicals that surround her gorgeous ladies!

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Illustrated Ladies by La Nonette

I’m a big fan of La Nonette’s lovely (and slightly moody) illustrated girls. And as I’ve been seeing some beautiful new works pass in my feed, here’s a collection of some of my favorites <3 All of these beauties are currently available on print in La Nonette’s shop! For more info and illustrations, follow her on Facebook, Tumblr & Instagram or […]

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