Painting by Sabrina Cabada
Enchanting Portraits by Sabrina Cabada

It’s the lady at the laundry machine and the shadows that cover her skin that first drew my eye to Sabrina Cabada’s enchanting portraits. With their big eyes and elegant appearance, I love how each of these beautiful women have this sparkle in their eyes, like they are about to tell an exciting story. A […]

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Linoprint Illustration by Ellen von Wiegand
Gorgeous Lino Prints by Ellen von Wiegand

Lino cut printing can require lots of work and patience. But these gorgeous, one of a kind portraits by artist Ellen von Wiegand are a proof that the results can be so worth it! There’s something about these ladies, their poses and the surrounding patterns, that makes me curious to know more about what’s behind these […]

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Illustration by Marcy Ellis
Botanical Ladies by Marcy Ellis

The longer I stare at these beautiful ink & watercolor paintings, the more obsessed I’m becoming with Marcy Ellis’ botanical queens. Super fascinating, slightly bizarre and so incredibly gorgeous! Currently based in Tucson, Arizona, Marcy is an artist and elementary art teacher who earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and a Bachelor of Fine […]

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Illustrated Ladies by Audrey Lee

I’m so very in love with these gorgeous ladies in Audrey Lee’s illustrations. With simple lines and figures, Audrey creates beautiful personages that express so much elegance and character! Have a peek on Audrey’s Instagram to see many more of her beautiful work. To read more about Audrey and what she does, visit her website!

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Flower Portraits by Jessica Watts

The grey Dutch weather we’re having today leaves me craving for color. ..Something to remind me that we’re heading towards spring. Then I remembered stumbling upon Jessica Watts’s gorgeous, one of a kind paintings some time ago. Ladies with flowers, floral patterns, more flowers and the occasional budgie and parrot. And incredibly lush color combinations… Yes. […]

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Illustration by Stephanie Deangelis
Illustrated Ladies by Stephanie Deangelis

It’s a new week and there are a lot of things on my to do list. But these fabulous ladies by Stephanie Deangelis are making it very tempting to start off this Monday eating pizza, drinking wine and and listening to my favorite records while wearing nothing but a pair of cheerful socks. Ha!

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