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Collage, Mixed Media

Paper Collages by Laura Blythman

I love every single piece of painted paper in these fabulous dreamscapes by Laura Blythman. This is so inspiring! The colors, the patterns.. So vibrant.. so perfect! I mentioned before that paper collage is one of my favorite media. Art like this make me want to take the rest of the week off and lock myself in the home just to paint, cut, paint, cut and repeat..

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Clair Bremner

Try staring at a painting by Clair Bremner for some time and I’ll guarantee that you will find yourself caught in a daydream, absorbing all the colors and details of her one of a kind dreamscapes. These are magic!  Working from Melbourne, Clair gets inspired by nature from her surroundings and her imagination.

My paintings are both a direct reflection of my surroundings and an imaginary world – a secret garden that exists in my mind. A whimsical place that I can go to escape and be lost within.

You can find Clair’s complete portfolio on her site and a beautiful selection of prints available on Etsy.

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Ana Montiel

I can’t stop staring at all the dazzling shapes and colors in Ana Montiel’s beautiful artworks. Born in Spain and currently exploring the world, Ana designs all kinds of creations for a diverse range of commissions. Her Visual Mantras, in which she explores repetition as a meditation / trance are an ongoing series of patterns and geometrics in which several materials are used. Divine!

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Staring at Ammiki‘s beautiful abstracts gives me immediate comfort. When they caught my eye the other day, I ended up gazing at them for quite a while. The pastel colors and simple shapes have a very fun, friendly vibe. And they’re so pretty!

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Embroidery, Mixed Media

Takashi Iwasaki

I fell a little bit speechless when I stumbled upon the gorgeous embroideries by Takashi Iwasaki earlier this week. So many colors, so many details.. all created out of thread, hand-embroidered into the most amazing, eyecatching shapes and figures. MAGIC!

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Seonna Hong

I’m loving these paintings by Los Angeles-based artist Seonna Hong. Tiny animals and children exploring stunning, colorful abstract sceneries.. kind of make me wish I was in one of the paintings too! More works by Seonna to be found here.


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