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Melody Hansen

I just ran into these appealing illustrations by Melody Hansen and had to share them right away. They’re beautiful! I love how the words she wrote complement her simplistic yet meaningful drawings. Very clever.

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Belinda Marshall

Ooooh how I love the colors of these vibrant paintings by Belinda Marshall. Aren’t they gorgeous? Belinda Marshal is a Melbourne-based artist & surface designer who paints on wood panels and linen. Her work is also available on cards, cushions, prints & other goods. You can follow Belinda on Instagram of visit her site & shop for more.

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Belinda Marshall Belinda Marshall Belinda Marshall Belinda Marshall Belinda Marshall Belinda Marshall Belinda Marshall Belinda Marshall Belinda Marshall


Mixed Media, Painting

Simone Shubuck

I’m still a bit sad that the Japan project is over. But there’s good comfort in knowing that there’s plenty of art from other parts of the world I cannot wait to share with you on this blog. Like these colorful mixed media paintings by artist Simone Shubuck. Love the fascinating shapes and colors in these works. Pretty hard to look away from!

On Simone’s website you’ll also find other kinds of works, like these figures and boxes. Make sure to give it a visit:


Simone Shubuck Simone ShubuckSimone ShubuckSimone ShubuckSimone Shubuck Simone ShubuckSimone Shubuck


Miranda Skoczek

Happy Saturday! I’m delighted to share these soft, warm, wonderful paintings by Miranda Skoczek with you today. Her beautiful color palette and semi-abstract style… love it! It’s Miranda’s travels and contact with different cultures that gives her lots of diverse inspiration: ‘Textiles, and traditional dress from around the globe, folk art, modernist design, architecture, Islamic motifs and Mughal miniatures, are but a few of the sources from which I borrow.’  

Mirande Skoczek is based in Melbourne, Australia. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the Victoria College of Arts, University of Melbourne, and a Diploma of Applied Arts and Graphic Design from the Canberra Institute of Technology. Her website is currently under construction, but you can find many inspirational images by Miranda on Instagram.


Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek


Shannon Rankin

These colorful, wonderfully shaped collages by Shannon Rankin just made my day. Love them! They are part of the Simpling Series and were created by sheets of vellum. These sheets were cut in unique forms and then layered, which resulted into these beautiful, one of a kind collages. ‘A variety of colorful forms emerge – suggesting blossoms, stems, fruit, leaves and geometric totems.’ 

Shannon Rankin lives and works in Maine, US. She is also known for her use of maps in her beautiful installations, collages and sculptures. Many more of her works to be found on her site:
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Shannon Rankin Shannon Rankin Shannon Rankin Shannon Rankin Shannon RankinShannon RankinShannon RankinShannon RankinShannon Rankin

Mixed Media, Painting

Kati Gegenheimer

These beautiful, energetic, color-bursting creations by Kati Gegenheimer just made my sunday! I love her diversity in colors and patterns, and have a strong desire to just drop everything I’m doing, sit down, and stare at her works for a long, long time.. Katy Gegenheimer earned her MFA in Paintings & Printmaking at the Yale University School of Art in new Haven, Connecticut and is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Many more wonderful works to be found on her site.
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Kati GegenheimerKati GegenheimerKati GegenheimerKati Gegenheimer Kati Gegenheimer Kati Gegenheimer Kati Gegenheimer Kati GegenheimerKati Gegenheimer

Collage, Mixed Media

Jenny Brown

Oh boy, I love everything about these beautiful, kind of recognizable yet undefinable figures of visual delight. Soft colors, delicate structures, flowers, birds and other natural elements that together form perfect, harmonious images that are hard to look away from.

They are collages by Rhode Island-based artist Jenny Brown, who uses paper & ink as main materials for her works. Jenny earned her MFA at the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2005 and since then, she has participated in numerous solo- and group exhibitions.

Make sure to visit Jenny’s site where you will find many more of these beauties. You can also follow Jenny on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for updates on new works.

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Jenny Brown Jenny Brown Jenny Brown Jenny Brown Jenny Brown Jenny Brown Jenny Brown Jenny Brown Jenny Brown