Painting by Larisa Deac
Abstract Paintings by Larisa Deac

Vibrant colors and playful brush strokes that seem to reflect gorgeous fragments of nature. Larisa Deac’s abstract paintings have this delightful sense of calm that makes me want to stare at these dreamy creations forever. Love!

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Clair Bremner
Colorful Paintings by Clair Bremner

We’re starting off the week with a dose of color in the dazzling, one of a kind paintings by artist Clair Bremner. Aren’t these amazing? Wielding her brush with both loose intuition and delicate intention, Clair creates dreamscapes that I would just love, love to spend some time in. So beautiful!

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Stefhany Lozano
One of a Kind Characters by Stefhany Lozano

In a series called Study Number One, illustrator Stefhany Lozano explores figures and human bodies in a playful and exciting selection of paintings. With colorful abstract shapes, she creates fascinating, one of a kind characters I would love to know more about. The long-armed character in the secone image is my favorite!

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Keren Toledano
Playful Collages by Keren Toledano

I discovered the work of Keren Toledano via Create! Magazine and fell head over heels in love with her playful abstract collages. Such beautiful shapes and colors.. so fun and inspiring! Keren is a New York based artist who finds her inspiration in places that are forgotten by time, such as drive-in theaters and old lighthouses. You will […]

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Joey Slaughter
Paintings on wood by Joey Slaughter

Mixed media artist Joey Slaughter has an interest in human conversation and wonders how wavelenghts would look like if we could actually see them. With specific sentences and phrases in mind, he visualizes those conversations into wooden, laser cut panels with beautiful, harmonious color combinations. And they’re an absolute treat for the eye!

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