Colorful Paintings by Clair Bremner

We’re starting off the week with a dose of color in the dazzling, one of a kind paintings by artist Clair Bremner. Aren’t these amazing? Wielding her brush with both loose intuition and delicate intention, Clair creates dreamscapes that I would just love, love to spend some time in. So beautiful!

Based inĀ  Yarra Valley, Melbourne, Clair is inspired by the nature that surrounds her home:

My goal is to create artworks that are visually beautiful, calming and organic. My paintings are highly decorative, however I feel they also serve as a reflection of the beauty and complexity that nature provides. I am not trying to portray and exact representation of the landscapes i see, instead i try to capture the essence of nature which I then stylize and make my own.

To see more of Clair’s work, visit her website and follow her on Instagram. Clair sells both original works and a selection of prints in her online shop.


Clair BremnerClair BremnerClair BremnerClair BremnerClair BremnerClair BremnerClair Bremner Clair Bremner Clair Bremner