Paper Collages by Laura Blythman

I love every single piece of painted paper in these fabulous dreamscapes by Laura Blythman. This is so inspiring! The colors, the patterns.. So vibrant.. so perfect! I mentioned before that paper collage is one of my favorite media. Art like this make me want to take the rest of the week off and lock myself in the home just to paint, cut, paint, cut and repeat..

Laura Blythman is a Designer, illustrator and creative director based in Melbourne, Australia. She has collaborated with various brands and galleries such as National Gallery of Victoria, Boomf & Rollie Shoes. Her designs can also be found on a range of products which you can find for sale here.


Laura Blythman Laura Blythman Laura BlythmanLaura BlythmanLaura BlythmanLaura BlythmanLaura BlythmanLaura Blythman

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