Clair Bremner

Try staring at a painting by Clair Bremner for some time and I’ll guarantee that you will find yourself caught in a daydream, absorbing all the colors and details of her one of a kind dreamscapes. These are magic!  Working from Melbourne, Clair gets inspired by nature from her surroundings and her imagination.

My paintings are both a direct reflection of my surroundings and an imaginary world – a secret garden that exists in my mind. A whimsical place that I can go to escape and be lost within.

You can find Clair’s complete portfolio on her site and a beautiful selection of prints available on Etsy.


Clair BremnerClair Bremner Clair BremnerClair BremnerClair Bremner Clair Bremner Clair Bremner Clair Bremner