Sunao Maruyama

Hello from amazing Tokyo! I arrived here this afternoon and want to share these flowery illustrations with you before I sleep away my jetlag.. These wonderful works by Sunao Maruyama oficially kick off the Japan Project: for one month, will be all about Japanese art and illustration. During my travels here I’m going to do my best to inspire you with amazing, stunning, eyecatching art from one of my favorite countries in the world!

I wish I could draw flowers like Sunao Maruyama can… If this is the first time you come across her works, make sure to visit the front page of her site where she frequently shares new sorts of flowers. Besides this, Sunao also illustrates other lovely things (such as these beautiful birds!) and has created works for different clients. Enjoy!


Sunao MaruyamaSunao MaruyamaSunao MaruyamaSunao Maruyama Sunao MaruyamaSunao MaruyamaSunao Maruyama