Naomi Okubo
Colorful Paintings by Naomi Okubo

Artist Naomi Okubo keeps dazzling me with her paintings that pop off the canvas with so many stunning colors. Love the patterns and her incredible attention for detail. See the paintings on the wall in the first image below? They are actually small versions of her own works she created previously! Originally from Tokyo, Naomi […]

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Yayoi Ono
Colorful Illustrations by Yayoi Ono

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you may remember I have a weak spot for Japanese illustration. So when I stumbled upon these colorful illustrations by Japan based artist Yayoi Ono on Instagram I did a little happy dance. Love the quirky shapes, love the colorful details and ADORE her playful style.

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Illustrated Fashion by Kaori Seno

Colorful textiles with adorable brouches and pendants.. I would love to get my hands on one of these illustrated fasion items by Tokio based artist Kaori Seno. The white lace dress with the hidden animals is my favorite. Look at that tiny cat!

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Magical Illustrated Sceneries by Makoto Maruyama

Tokyo based illustrator Makoto Maruyama worked in the design industry for years before she quit her job, traveled around the world and started drawing. Her beautiful illustrations show us of al kinds of magical places where really everyting can happen (look at the cat and elephant friends.. so adorable!). I love her playful drawing style and all the […]

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Tomoya Kato

Tomoya Kato’s lovely, blurry illustrations remind me of that magical spot between being awake and asleep. I love the softness, the paleness, the magical characters and all the wonderful, delightful imperfections.

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