Silvana Ávila

I ran into these adorable dreamy illustrations on Pinterest a while ago. Aren’t they precious? They’re the work of Silvana Ávila. A young artist from Mexico City who has a passion for drawing, creating and for experimenting with shapes and colours. Besides paper, Silvana works with all kinds of materials such as ceramics, flowers and cutlery. A lovely mellow way to end up the week.. Enjoy!

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Silvana Ávila

Comadritas, by Silvana Ávila.

Me Sonrojo, Silvana Ávila.Secret Fire, Silvana Ávila.

Natürlich Bist Du Shon, by Silvana Ávila.

La Suerte, Silvana Ávila.Romance, Silvana Ávila.

Me Quiere No Me Quiere, by Silvana Ávila.