Zena Holloway

I’ve noticed that I tend to use the word ‘dreamlike’ a lot when I write my posts, so I’ll be trying to avoid this every now and then. But looking at these stunning photographs by Zena Holloway, how can I not use the word dreamlike? And beautiful? And breathtaking? I am in love with each single one of them. They give me a sense of calmness…as if I was in the water myself. Floating… not feeling the burden of gravity… like wandering in a dream (oops, I used it again).

Born in England in 1973, Zena Holloway developed her passion for underwater photography while travelling around the world and working as a dive instructor. She is a self-taught artist who has worked for numerous clients, including Greenpeace, Elle Style Awards, Nike and Kylie Minogue. Using a highly developed photographing technology, the atmosphere of her portraits is unique and flawless. Notice how in some of them the water isn’t even visible. Yet it’s there, surrounding the person who at first sight seems to be floating in the air. Magical..

Website: www.zenaholloway.com
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Zena Holloway for B.Inspired Magazine.

Zena Holloway

Angel 5, by Zena Holloway.Angel 6, by Zena Holloway.

Zena Holloway for Cent Magazine.

Zena Holloway for GQ Russia.

The Old Grey Teacher, by Zena Holloway.

Zena Holloway for Twill Magazine.

Zena Holloway for Twill Magazine.

Scatter, by Zena Holloway.




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