Ryan Pickart

It’s time for another interview with an alltime favorite artist! Based in Lowell, Indiana, Ryan Pickart’s paintings can be spotted on various places across the internet. In his beautiful works, Ryan portrays women (often family members & friends) that are surrounded by a variety of colors, patterns and flowers which altogether leads to stunning results. His works are fascinating, appealing to many, and an interesting subject to learn more about. Enjoy!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and about your background?
I started oil painting around the age of fourteen and have always been drawn to portraiture. Painting women has become my primary focus. I base my artwork on painting people while developing a naturalist’s perception of their beauty.

How did you become the artist you are today?
Finding that moment in a piece of music or through an old family photo album continues to shape me as an artist. Currently, I have been leaning towards a loose way of painting while keeping parts of the composition intentionally tight and detailed. I want to bridge the gap between abstract and realism by keeping an accurate representation of the subject while exploring texture, line, and shape.

Who are the beautiful women in your paintings? Do they have a background?
The majority of my portraits are of family members or friends. My portraits are also often combined facial features based on people I know. My mother’s eyes are often seen in many of my paintings.

I’ve noticed that the women in your portraits often have a slightly sober expression on their faces. Can you explain why?
The expressions of my portraits mostly have a relaxed straight forward look about them in order to give them balanced strength, honesty, and mystery. I like to keep a close relationship between the portraits and their surroundings.

What things go through your mind when you are painting?
I think about lots of things when I paint, sometimes too many at once. Listening to music or the news helps me focus on my color palette and my canvas.

Are there any specific subjects you try to communicate through your artworks?
From researching textiles, color, and subject, to the initial sketch that a painting is created from, I attempt to communicate a relationship between the women I paint and the textiles they are paired with. The balance of strength and fragility continues to show through each of my works while staying true to a domestic view of the subject matter. The finished piece tends to be an iconic version of the subject painted.

From your own collection, do you have a piece that is your favorite?
Currently, my piece “June”. With this painting, I combined some features of my mother and her mother into this portrait.  The painting was completed quickly with ease. I see “June” as a symbol of where my pursuit in painting has taken me and where it can go.

Who is your alltime favourite artist, and why?
Many artists inspire my approach to painting. I love to research artists, textiles, color, and fashion.
Gustav Klimt, Alexander McQueen/Sarah Burton, Egon Scheile, Matthew Barney,  Cindy Sherman, Frida Kahlo, J.W. Waterhouse, Givenchy, Inez Van Lamsweerde, Nick Knight are just a few of my favorites.

Are you currently working on any new projects?
I have a few commissions in the works, lots of ideas and paintings of my own to finish and create. I do wish to publish and continue to design my own website by the end of this Fall.  Of course, continue to explore and refine my color palette. Also, I am enjoying the blooms from my garden and plan to incorporate them in my future work.

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