Alice Wellinger

Every week ArtisticMoods invites an artist to tell us something about the ambitions behind their work. This week we give the word to Austria based artist Alice Wellinger, a former graphic designer who creates beautiful, colorful and surreal paintings of all kinds.

As a self taught Illustrator I am a late starter. I worked as a graphic designer for many years. After I gave birth to my twin girls, I began to write and illustrate children’s books. Although these books got published and won some awards (like the Austrian Children’s book prize), I kept eye for new shores. A few years ago I started to work as an editorial illustrator. I like doing this because of the artistic freedom it allows me (most times at least). Each commission is a new challenge.

Besides my editorial illustrations I try to develop my own personal art. Sometimes it is surreal or ironic and it deals with subjects from daily life or from my childhood memories. I always try to tell a little story in my pictures – I like it when people have something to think about. But I never plan anything; I’m open to the ideas that come into my mind spontaneously. When they are bad I forget them, the good ones I paint.

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