Loretta Lux

Taking the photograph is only the starting point for German artist Loretta Lux. It’s when she starts transforming her portraits on the computer when the children become part of a completely new setting. Some objects in the photographs are removed and replaced by silent backgrounds, revealing a calmness and beauty that makes it easy to get lost in her portraits for a long, long time…

As an educated painter, Loretta started experimenting with photographical work in 1999. And it’s perhaps because of her background that her work is far more than a photograph. The children become as frozen as a photo could possibly freeze a fragment. Yet at the same time, they transform into a painterly and surrealistic work of art. Oftenly pale, a bit disturbing, and breathtaking.

Website: www.lorettalux.de


The Waiting Girl. Loretta Lux, 2006.

The Drummer. Loretta Lux, 2004.

Study of a Boy. Loretta Lux, 2002.

Girl with Marbles. Loretta Lux, 2005.

The Rose Garden. Loretta Lux, 2001.

Siegfried. Loretta Lux, 2010.