Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting

Jennifer Davis

Boys, girls and dogs on wheels. Dinosaurs, poodles and all kinds of other beautifully odd creatures pass the painting table of Minneapolis based artist Jennifer Davis. What they all have in common, is that they are colour-filled, adorable to look at and shown in a playful unique style that truly characterizes her work. Perhaps it’s this strangeness of her animals that makes her work so appealing. Drawn in simple lines yet filled with lovely details…tiny hands…blushy cheeks… Jennifer’s creatures are loveable, alive, and have become admired and adored by many!

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Sweetest Fruit, by Jennifer Davis.

Gardener, by Jennifer Davis.Knot, by Jennifer Davis.

Wall Flower, by Jennifer Davis.

Oh My Dog, by Jennifer Davis.Hideaway, by Jennifer Davis.Pony, by Jennifer Davis.

Go Ape, by Jennifer Davis

Nature / Nurture (detail), by Jennifer Davis.Reverence, by Jennifer Davis.

Poodles, by Jennifer Davis.

Listen, by Jennifer Davis.


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