Painting / Juliet Meeks
Vibrant Paintings and Patterns by Juliet Meeks

From her studio in New Orleans, Juliet Meeks creates vibrant paintings and patterns that don’t shy away from color at all. Love the fresh floras and the playful little dots and details in her work. And that fox pouch.. so adorable! Juliet gets inspired by vintage textiles and the organic shapes of nature. Her lovely […]

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Clair Bremner
Colorful Paintings by Clair Bremner

We’re starting off the week with a dose of color in the dazzling, one of a kind paintings by artist Clair Bremner. Aren’t these amazing? Wielding her brush with both loose intuition and delicate intention, Clair creates dreamscapes that I would just love, love to spend some time in. So beautiful!

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Paintings that Celebrate Little Truths by Lori Roberts

From her studio in the green landscapes outside Portland, Oregon, artist Lori Roberts creates whimsical illustrations that are connected to nature, home and the little things in life that can bring us joy. I love the warm and cozy atmosphere in her works: from sweaters to plants, mugs to tomatoes, every single detail is painted and portrayed […]

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Portraits by Jody Erickson
Whimsical Portraits by Jody Erickson

I remember sharing a selection of Jody Erickson’s gorgeous paintings back when I just started this blog. And it’s so wonderful to see how her portraits have blossomed and become even more beautiful over these last few years. I love the botanicals and other details that surround these ladies, giving them a mysterious and powerful […]

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Illustration by Roeqiya Fris
Magical Illustrations by Roeqiya Fris

I was so delighted when I stumbled upon these incredibly rich paintings by illustrator Roeqiya Fris. Fascinated by feminine beauty and mysterious Arabic atmospheres, Roeqiya creates magical sceneries filled with lustrous colors, botanicals and patterns that I can’t take my eyes away from. I love her work so much!

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Beautiful Paintings by Laurie Anne Gonzalez

My most recent crush: Laurie Anne Gonzalez’s beautiful, soft-colored paintings. Both her nude portraits and her illustrated elements of nature have this calm and elegant vibe that makes her work such a delight to look at.. The spotted egg study is my favorite!

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Renate Groenewoud
Enchanting Childen’s Portraits by Renate Groenewoud

Renate Groenewoud is a Holland based artist and part time preschool teacher who enjoys spending time talking to three year olds. And I’m pretty sure the latter is what inspires her to create beautiful, enchanting portraits of little ones that I just can’t look away from. Each of her paintings make me curious about what […]

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