Illustration by Ly Yeow
Seascape Illustrations by Ly Yeow

When visiting Orchid Island in Taiwan in 2015, artist Ly Yeow spent her days sitting at the shore, absorbing the changing colors of the breaking waves. It’s what made her fall in love with the ocean and inspired her to paint a beautiful collection of illustrations that are part of her LyttleSea Series; adorable little characters bathing […]

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Illustration by Marcy Ellis
Botanical Ladies by Marcy Ellis

The longer I stare at these beautiful ink & watercolor paintings, the more obsessed I’m becoming with Marcy Ellis’ botanical queens. Super fascinating, slightly bizarre and so incredibly gorgeous! Currently based in Tucson, Arizona, Marcy is an artist and elementary art teacher who earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and a Bachelor of Fine […]

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Illustration by Chelsea Wong
Colorful Paintings by Chelsea Wong

I’m so very madly in love with the colors, quirkiness and chaos in these one of a kind paintings by artist Chelsea Wong. In all kinds of poses and outfits, Chelsea portrays countless of beautiful, friendly looking folks that I would lust looove to meet!

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Painting by Aleksandra Kalisz
10 Selected Artworks from Beauton Art Gallery

It’s Esther Sarto’s rich and gorgeous piece called Subtropical Love that first drew my eye to the beautiful collection of one of a kind artworks of Beauton Art Gallery. The colors..the details.. so incredibly gorgeous! Many artworks of Beauton’s collection seem to have that curious element where they just leave me stare at them forever. Based […]

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Painting by Stacy Jo DeMott
Paintings with Perfect Summer Vibes by Stacy Jo DeMott

Although many of us are craving for it, the cold Dutch weather is showing us little signs of spring. And it leaves me with a strong urge to get lost in these beautiful, whimsical paintings by artist Stacy Jo DeMott. Picking fruits in the greenhouse, spending time in a flower surrounded cottage and getting soaked into […]

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Illustration by Michelle Moore
Gorgeous Pattern Designs by Michelle Moore

Playful splashes of paint, lots of ink and paper cut details.. Michele Moore creates one of a kind patterns and designs that are an absolute delight for the eye.  I love how she experiments with different materials and colors, and how many of her surprising combinations result into beautiful imagery that pops off the paper.

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Flower Portraits by Jessica Watts

The grey Dutch weather we’re having today leaves me craving for color. ..Something to remind me that we’re heading towards spring. Then I remembered stumbling upon Jessica Watts’s gorgeous, one of a kind paintings some time ago. Ladies with flowers, floral patterns, more flowers and the occasional budgie and parrot. And incredibly lush color combinations… Yes. […]

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