10 Selected Artworks from Beauton Art Gallery

It’s Esther Sarto’s rich and gorgeous piece called Subtropical Love that first drew my eye to the beautiful collection of one of a kind artworks of Beauton Art Gallery. The colors..the details.. so incredibly gorgeous!

Many artworks of Beauton’s collection seem to have that curious element where they just leave me stare at them forever. Based in Denmark, Beauton Art Gallery offers a carefully curated selection of art to homes worldwide with a mission to promote young, talented artists in various fields. One of their main purposes is to make art accessible to all which is why, besides original artworks, Beauton also offers a large selection of high quality limited edition prints.

Below you will find a selection of my favorite works, selected from the gallery. All of these pieces are currently available online and clicking the images will lead you to the pages where you can discover more works of these artists.

To find out more about Beauton Art Gallery and their collection, visit their website and follow them on Instagram (where they are currently organizing a print giveaway!)


Painting by Aleksandra Kalisz
Aleksandra Kalisz


Louise Bech Pedersen


Illustration by My Buemann
My Buemann


Painting by Esther Sarto
Esther Sarto


Illustration by Laurits Gulløv
Laurits Gulløv


Illustration by Josephine Kyhn
Josephine Kyhn


Illustration by Mette Grøngaard
Mette Grøngaard


Adele Marie Rannes


Illustration by Mormor


Illustration by Emilie Aastrup
Emilie Aastrup