Illustration by Kendra Binney
Magical Collages by Kendra Binney

My latest crush: magical collages by artist Kendra Binney. Rich of colors, details and mystery, these gorgeous pieces make it so inviting to put my computer aside for a bit and get lost in a pastel-colored daydream.

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Painting by Kristin Vestgård
Magical Paintings by Kristin Vestgård

I lost count of the times I have shared the work of Kristin Vestgård on this blog (she was even one of the first artists I wrote about when I started ArtisticMoods). But every time I visit her website and find new pieces in her portfolio, oh my, I fall in love all over again. So […]

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Gorgeous Portraits by Bijou Karman

It’s the dazzling color combinations and the beautiful expressive eyes on these ladies that kept me staring at Bijou Karman’s portraits for a long, long time. Aren’t these gorgeous? Have a look at her website where you can find many more of her work (I also LOVE her fashion sketches).  Follow Bijou on Instagram for updates!

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Vibrant Illustrations by Miranda Sofroniou

From the bed, bathtub and sofa to gardens, flower fields, jungles and deserts: sometimes it’s good to get lost. Rich of colors and botanicals and with a slight touch of mystery included, Miranda Sofroniou’s illustrations show the most beautiful places on the globe and reflect the magical moments you can experience when you’re on the road.

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Painting by Larisa Deac
Abstract Paintings by Larisa Deac

Vibrant colors and playful brush strokes that seem to reflect gorgeous fragments of nature. Larisa Deac’s abstract paintings have this delightful sense of calm that makes me want to stare at these dreamy creations forever. Love!

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Painting by Sabrina Cabada
Enchanting Portraits by Sabrina Cabada

It’s the lady at the laundry machine and the shadows that cover her skin that first drew my eye to Sabrina Cabada’s enchanting portraits. With their big eyes and elegant appearance, I love how each of these beautiful women have this sparkle in their eyes, like they are about to tell an exciting story. A […]

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