Enchanting Childen’s Portraits by Renate Groenewoud

Renate Groenewoud is a Holland based artist and part time preschool teacher who enjoys spending time talking to three year olds. And I’m pretty sure the latter is what inspires her to create beautiful, enchanting portraits of little ones that I just can’t look away from. Each of her paintings make me curious about what is happening in their minds. And the eyes… I can’t stop staring at their eyes! The angry girl with the blue coat is my favorite.

You can find many more of Renate’s beautiful work on her Instagram. All the pieces below are available in Renate’s shop, where she sells her work on prints, cards and a selection of original paintings too!


Renate GroenewoudRenate GroenewoudRenate GroenewoudRenate GroenewoudRenate Groenewoud Renate GroenewoudRenate Groenewoud

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