Social Media for Creatives

Social Media for Creatives is open for submissions! The program is also available as a single session.

Social media for Creatives is an individual coaching program of 8 weeks, designed for visual artists of all levels and ambitions. It teaches how to showcase your art succesfully on channels as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. The coaching is offered via one on one Skype sessions and a personalized written guide. It includes six weeks of personal guidance while you work on your social media individually.

The program offers personal tips, tools, guidance and suggestions that will enable you to get the most out of social media as an artist and further expand your career. It also offers insights that help you develop an online presence that is authentic and true to your own style.


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During our online chat sessions we will discuss your goals, your progress and I will give you feedback on your social media activities. The sessions are flexible and you will be able to address any specific topics you have questions about. The written guide provides practical information about using social media as a visual artist and includes a chapter of suggestions that are based on your situation and goals.

At the end of this program you will be sharing your art on social media with more knowledge, structure and confidence. Whether your final goal is to generate more sales, reach more clients or maintain a cohesive online presence, this program will offer you stepping stones to take your social media to a next level.

Any questions about the program? Get in touch!

Program Setup

First online meeting (week 1)

In the first meeting we will discuss your artistic goals for the future. We will talk about your current social media presence and how we can work on improving your activities together. The topics we talk about will be used to work out your personalized suggestions in the written guide.

Small assignment (week 1)

After our first meeting I will provide you with a small assignment for you to work on while I prepare the social media guide.

The social media guide (week 2)

You will receive the social media guide approximately five days after our first meeting and I will ask you to read the guide thoroughly, after which we will discuss it in our next meeting.

Second online meeting (week 2)

In the second meeting we will discus the social media guide. I will highlight some of the given instructions and you will have the possibility to ask questions about the guide or any other related topics. We will also discuss planning for the upcoming weeks, in which you will be working on your social media using the guide and my instructions as tools.

Social media activities (week 2/3)

In the next weeks you will be working on your social media independently. We will talk about your activities in two online meetings in which I will give you feedback and suggestions based on your activities. During this complete period I will be available for any questions you may have.

Third online meeting (week 5)

In this meeting we will talk about the progress of your activities and you will again be provided with feedback and suggestions. There will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions about any issues you may have.

Fourth online meeting (week 8)

In this meeting we will talk about the progress of your activities and you will again be provided with feedback and suggestions. There will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions about any issues you may have.

Final recommendations (week 8)

After out final meeting you will receive a list of final recommendations via email. Additionally, I will be available for any questions you may come across for another two months.


Program Details

Duration: 8 weeks
Total estimated time: approximately 8/10 hours on social media activities (per week) plus 6/7 hours on Skype sessions (in total)
Suitable for: visual artists of all ambitions and all levels
Accessibility: worldwide
Total program fee: €219 EUR monthly in two payments or €418 EUR in single payment (discount of €20)
Required language skills: English or Dutch
Material requirements: A computer with a webcam, audio and Skype access
To submit to the program, contact me here


Single Coaching Session

Looking for instant advice to help you improve your social media presence? The coaching is also available as a single session in a private Skype meeting of approximately 1 – 1,5 hour. In this session I will review your social media, provide you with suggestions of improvement and we will discuss any specific issues you have addressed beforehand.

Before the Skype meeting you will receive the Social Media Guide for artists, which I will ask you to read as a preparation on our coaching session.

The Single Coaching Session includes:

– One private online chat session (of approx 1 – 1,5 hr)
– A list of personalized suggestions (provided during our chat session)
– The written the social media guide for artists

Total short program fee: €115 EUR
To submit to the program, contact me here


Send me a message via this form. You are also welcome to get in touch if you have any questions!



“I am so thankful I came across this course. I am a lot more confident about my work and social media, and about the direction I want to go. And for me it also resulted in a lot more followers. My questions weren’t only about the whereabouts of social media but I was also searching for my style and the purpose of my work. She took a lot of effort to support me in what I needed. This gave me so much confidence and motivation! Every time I had spoken to Sandra I felt so happy! I felt like I came closer to what is really “me” and my insecurities disappeared. I would describe Sandra as positive, motivating, realistic, determined, honest, and very sweet. Her response is always quick, clear and to the point. I now have a stronger base from which I can grow and I have the tools to be who I am, also in the area of social media.”

– Nynke Locher, The Netherlands

“Sandra is an amazing coach. Her kindness and gracefulness are equally matched by her insights and enthusiasm. A true professional creative coach…”

– Veronica Schauder, USA

“I’ve been so thrilled with Sandra’s social media coaching. I found new avenues I hadn’t realised could be so useful for my business (like Pinterest), great tips for my existing social media, and I’ve already found some amazing results with a gain in my Instagram followers. The Skype calls with Sandra really helped answer any questions I had in a friendly, very knowledgable way.”

– Jess Racklyeft, Australia

“Sandra works hard to get to know you and your goals. She is dedicated, listens and helps to solve different situations. She understands how creative minds work and gives amazing feedback to get you where you want to get. She gives options and alternatives that I never thought about. This coaching program will boost your career, not only in social media but in general as well.”

– Sylvia Troconis, USA

“This program was excellent! I cannot recommend Sandra enough. Her eye for detail, one on one attention and informed perspective were truly what makes this program great. I highly recommend it.”

– Kristen Solecki, USA