Portraits by Jody Erickson

Whimsical Portraits by Jody Erickson

I remember sharing a selection of Jody Erickson’s gorgeous paintings back when I just started this blog. And it’s so wonderful to see how her portraits have blossomed and become even more beautiful over these last few years. I love the botanicals and other details that surround these ladies, giving them a mysterious and powerful vibe that leave me curious to see more. Magic!

Originally from Winston Salem, N.C., Jody Erickson is an illustrator who is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. You can more of her beautiful  work on her website and Instagram.

A selection of her original portraits and prints is currently for sale in her online shop!


Portraits by Jody EricksonPortraits by Jody EricksonJody EricksPortraits by Jody EricksononPortraits by Jody EricksonPortraits by Jody EricksonPortraits by Jody EricksonPortraits by Jody Erickson

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