Illustration by Michelle Moore
Gorgeous Pattern Designs by Michelle Moore

Playful splashes of paint, lots of ink and paper cut details.. Michele Moore creates one of a kind patterns and designs that are an absolute delight for the eye.  I love how she experiments with different materials and colors, and how many of her surprising combinations result into beautiful imagery that pops off the paper.

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Pins and Puppets by Georgie Ellen McAusland

I love it when illustrators use different materials and techniques to create beautiful things. Among paper, paint, pencils and crayons, artist Georgie Ellen McAusland uses clay and wood to create whimsical little characters that you can put up on the wall and pin onto your favorite clothes. So cute!

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Illustration by Sussuni
Whimsical Collages by Susanna Sundman

Susanna Sundman, aka Sussuni, was one of the first artists whose lovely work I shared on this blog five years ago. And I still enjoy her dreamy, soft colored creatures so so much! Originally from Sweden and currently based in France, Susanna Sundman is a mixed media artist who uses her love for nature and […]

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Collage by Ani Cuenca
Stunning Floral Collages by Ani Cuenca

My latest crush: stunning, one of a kind collages by artist Ani Cuenca. Made out of lots of different materials such as ink, paint and paper and applied on large wooden panels. If you look at her beautiful work carefully, you will notice how the attached pieces fluently fall over each other, adding an extra […]

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Custom Portraits on Pendants by Nico Made Me
Custom Portraits on Pendants by Nicomade

Now here’s a fun way of having your dog, cat, bird, brother, mother or entire family captured in a precious piece of art: custom portraits on pendants by Nicomade. Aren’t these the cutest? And you’ll even be able to carry them around wherever you go! I’d get me a bulldog just so that I can […]

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Fabric Illustrations by The Moody Rabbit

My latest crush: birds, botanicals and more delightful pieces of fabric art by The Moody Rabbit. All handmade with love by Perth based artist and founder Hannah Goggs. In many of her work, Hannah applies the stitches to the fabrics by machine which kind of makes her works look like pencil sketches. It gives them such […]

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Portraits by Brooklyn Dolly
Enchanting Portraits by Brooklyn Dolly

I ended up gazing at these portraits for a long time when I stumbled upon them at Brown Paper Bag the other day. Aren’t these magic?! They are works by Erin Robinson from Brooklyn Dolly, who creates her enchanting women using various materials and techniques such as watercolor, ink, markers, charcoal, stencil, collage and digital editing.

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