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Illustration by Ly Yeow
Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting

Seascape Illustrations by Ly Yeow

When visiting Orchid Island in Taiwan in 2015, artist Ly Yeow spent her days sitting at the shore, absorbing the changing colors of the breaking waves. It’s what made her fall in love with the ocean and inspired her to paint a beautiful collection of illustrations that are part of her LyttleSea Series; adorable little characters bathing in waters that are so rich of details and different shades of blue that they make me want to get out and visit the seaside right away. Magic!

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Illustration by Marcy Ellis
Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting

Botanical Ladies by Marcy Ellis

The longer I stare at these beautiful ink & watercolor paintings, the more obsessed I’m becoming with Marcy Ellis’ botanical queens. Super fascinating, slightly bizarre and so incredibly gorgeous!

Currently based in Tucson, Arizona, Marcy is an artist and elementary art teacher who earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and a Bachelor of Fine Art in Art Education from the University of Arizona. She has been inspired by nature from her childhood, which she she spent in both rural agriculture and a suburban planned community set in the open desert. In the beautiful pieces below, Marcy focuses on the connectedness between women and nature:

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Illustration by Mojgan Ghare
Illustration, Mixed Media

Whimsical Illustrations by Mojgan Ghare

Toronto based artist Mojgan Ghare creates colorful imagery that feeds the imagination in such a delightful way. The different materials she uses (pens, colored pencils, digital edits and even wood) give her work so much character. They appear bot playful and innocent, but have this wonderfully mysterious vibe at the same time.. love!

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Embroidery by Libby Williams
Embroidery, Mixed Media

Landscape Embroidery by Libby Williams

Imagine having your favorite place in the world captured with needle and thread. Little colorful stitches that eternalize the grass, sky and the buildings in a beautiful, one of a kind embroidery to remind you of that spot in a very unique piece of art. This is how Luxembourg based artist Libby Williams combines her passion for art and traveling; after exploring a new city or country, she embroiders the locations that she loved the most onto hoops that portray these places in a whimsical and unique style. And to give her work extra character, she often combines her embroidery with paint too.

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Wooden Dolls by Goose Grease
Mixed Media, Shopping Inspiration

Wooden Dolls by Goose Grease

This week I stumbled upon a lovely little spot called called Goose Grease; a shop run by Anna Leigh and Juan Carlos Donado, who create a wide range of handmade, super adorable dolls. Born out of a mom’s desire to create wooden toys for her little one, Goose Grease now creates all kinds of wooden folks with different functions: peg dolls, ornaments, custom made families and: an entire pirates vs ninjas chess set!

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Painting by Aleksandra Kalisz
Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Shopping Inspiration

10 Selected Artworks from Beauton Art Gallery

It’s Esther Sarto’s rich and gorgeous piece called Subtropical Love that first drew my eye to the beautiful collection of one of a kind artworks of Beauton Art Gallery. The colors..the details.. so incredibly gorgeous!

Many artworks of Beauton’s collection seem to have that curious element where they just leave me stare at them forever. Based in Denmark, Beauton Art Gallery offers a carefully curated selection of art to homes worldwide with a mission to promote young, talented artists in various fields. One of their main purposes is to make art accessible to all which is why, besides original artworks, Beauton also offers a large selection of high quality limited edition prints.

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