Ceramic Illustrations by Genevieve Dionne

With my love for illustration and a continuously growing obsession for ceramics, Genevieve Dionne‘s one of a kind ceramic illustrations are the perfect way to start off the new year. Aren’t these amazing?! Genevieve draws ladies, botanical and lots of other items on clay which, after their visit to the kiln, become one of a kind […]

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Illustration by Karina Busquets
Playful Collages by Karina Busquets

I love it when artists use a mix of different materials to create their illustrations. It can give so much character to a piece. Like with these beautiful ladies, budgies, piggies and other characters by Karina Busquets. So fun and lovely!

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Little Print Fabrics
Beautiful Botanical Designs by Little Print Fabrics

What I love about printing techniques is that it can give the material it’s applied on so much character.  And thats exactly what is showing in Jennifer’s beautiful, playful block print designs. Jennifer runs a studio called Little Print Fabrics from where she creates beautiful scarves, pouches, art prints and many more items filled with […]

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Illustration by Jane Ormes
Colorful Illustrations by Jane Ormes

My Monday crush: lovely, messy illustrations of animals and botanical by Jane Ormes; a Bristol based printmaker who has a passion for pattern and the absurd. Love the colors and the chaos. Those quirky little dachshunds in that second piece.. so cute! You’ll find Jane’s work available on print in her Etsy shop.

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Mixed Media Portraits by Karo Knitter

Karo Knitter’s beautiful and unique pieces of art have this sense of nostalgia and mystery that left me staring at them for a long time. There are so many surprising elements to be found in her work. I love the elegant botanical details combined with the dark lines.  Karo is passionate about working with different and […]

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Illustration by Karlijn Dammers
Illustrated Ladies by Karlijn Dammers

For years, illustrator Karlijn Dammers kept herself an art journal in which she expressed her feelings in all kinds of imagery. This slowly transformed into portraiture, and into the beautiful series of illustrated girls she creates today. I love the big blushes on their cheeks and the combination of fine and messy lines. It gives […]

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Monika Petersen
Beautiful Linoprints by Monika Petersen

Denmark based artist Monika Petersen creates large size prints of botanicals that will stand out on any living room wall. Artichoke corals, olive branches and many more elements are portrayed in a delicate style that I love so, so much.. The shapes of her works are often basic, and filled with countless structures and details. This […]

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